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James Dudley Management

Licence Agreements

All James Dudley Management publications are subject to copyright and like other publishers the company is obliged to place restrictions on the use of its intellectual property to meet legal requirements.

Limited and reasonable quoting of information from James Dudley Management reports in internal company documents is permitted as long as attribution is made within the document. Limited and reasonable use of tables and figures for internal company audiences, customer gatherings and shareholder presentations is permitted and does not affect the type of license as long as the source and copyright is attributed i.e. Source: © James Dudley Management

Licence Types

James Dudley Management offers three different types of license agreement to suit the needs of individual clients.

Single User License – Is designed for individual use and can only be shared with other users if the license is upgraded. Printing off copies or sharing extracts with others counts as sharing and requires an upgraded license.

Small Multi-use License - Is for up to 6 users and is designed for a department or project team sharing the whole report or extracts. Users are defined as being members of the same organization purchasing the license. Circulation to third parties is not permitted.

Corporate License – Allows a report to be shared across the whole organization purchasing the license. Circulation to third parties is not permitted.

Upgrading Your License

You can upgrade your license at any time by paying the difference between the original purchase price and price quoted for the upgrade you require. Just contact us for details.


Market reports are protected by copyright and it is also a criminal offence to make or distribute copies without the express permission of the copyright owner