James Dudley Management

James Dudley Management

James Dudley Management Celebrates 20th Anniversary

James Dudley Management celebrated twenty years of consulting for consumer healthcare clients in September this year with a bash held in the grounds of James Dudley’s Worcestershire home in the UK.

“In the 20 years we’ve been going we have worked on some spectacular projects. Among our clients when we first set out were Wellcome, Sterling Health, Ciba Geigy, Roche and Beecham.

All these have over the years amalgamated but the brands we worked on are still thriving. But things have moved on. The healthcare market is vastly different today and managements are far more sophisticated. We have an array of new tools at our disposal and we need them because we face new and more complex challenges”, says James Dudley

James Dudley Management has over a twenty year period acquired a major reputation in Rx to OTC switching in Europe’s competitive consumer healthcare markets. James W Dudley has written a number of major studies on the European consumer health and OTC self-medication markets he is regular speaker at conferences and company events. He is also the author of the industry’s longest running study OTC Distribution in Europe. James Dudley has helped pioneer developments in Rx to OTC switching to the companion animal health sector in the UK and continental European markets.


For further information call James Dudley ++44(0)1562 747705, email Information@james-dudley.co.uk. Web site www.jamesdudley.info

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