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James W. Dudley Rx to OTC Presentation Free Download Innovating Self-medication – Successful European Rx to OTC Switch Strategies

On Monday 24th August James Dudley put online his well regarded presentation on switching prescription only medicines to OTC self-medication. This is often abbreviated as Rx to OTC or in Britain POM to P.

James Dudley’s ‘Innovating Self-medication – Successful European Rx to OTC Switch Strategies’ presentation is the essence of twenty years of developing strategic frameworks for launching new consumer healthcare brands successfully. It is based on James Dudley’s tested approach and important case studies of successful switch strategies from companies leading the field.

Over the years James Dudley has identified the main success criteria for switching a prescription only medicine to OTC through empirical research, observation and monitoring switches that he has advised upon. Switching has been a major area of the consulting work carried out by James Dudley who has also written a number of very influential reports on the topic. James Dudley has also lectured on the success factors for Rx to OTC switching at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels and runs in company workshops on the subject.

“The difference between success and failure in switching a prescription only medicine to create or renew a consumer brand has in almost every case that I have studied been down to one or more success factors being absent or present. In case after case when switches succeed the success factors are clearly evident and measurable. Indeed the study of success in switching prescription medicines to the consumer sector has been subject of study and exploration at the heart of the James Dudley Management reputation” says James Dudley.

Clearly, if there is a message in the presentation it is that “Successful Rx to OTC switching” is about getting the balance right between using the strengths of switchable entities to create or renew brands to fulfill consumer needs and expectations better, managing the regulatory pathway strategically to achieve consumer led positioning and designing the brand offer in terms of product presentation, brand name, message, channel and price.

“We are just entering a new phase of switching prescription only medicines to OTC self-medication in Europe. Many of the new Rx to OTC candidates whilst offering real opportunities present quite complex consumer benefits that we need to understand and communicate.

One of the new and exciting areas in which we have been advising clients in last few years and one with tremendous consumer potential is in switching vet only prescription medicines to OTC for companion animals through consumer channels – animal health is an extension of family health and switching is a logical strategy for a number brands”, says James Dudley


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For free download click http://www.jamesdudley.info/seminar.htm

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