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The Future of pharmacy in Europe - Exploring Strategies for Competitive Success

Exploring Strategies for Competitive Success is the 2015 update of James Dudley’s heavily viewed slideshare.net presentation the Future of Pharmacy in Europe. This presentation was viewed over 8,800 times since it was uploaded in 2012.

This latest presentation update entitled The Future of pharmacy in Europe - Exploring Strategies for Competitive Success explores the trends and drivers influencing the shape and structure of pharmaceutical distribution channels in Europe and covers retail pharmacies, pharmacy wholesalers and internet and online pharmacies.

There are 671million inhabitants who shop in 224,000 retail pharmacies and spend €247 billion across the main European countries covered by two studies by James Dudley: OTC Distribution in Europe 2014 edition and Mail Order and Internet Pharmacy - the 2015 edition Entering the Digital Battleground.

The topics covered in James Dudley’s presentation include:

  • The European Pharmacy Market
  • The Changing Business Environment for European Pharmacy Channels
  • Changing Demographics and Pharmacy Shopper Expectations
  • Mass Market Chains new Stakeholders in Consumer Healthcare
  • Challenges of Mail Order and Internet Pharmacies in Europe
  • Major Pharmaceutical Distributors Driving Change in Europe
  • Emergence of Global Players in Pharmacy retail and wholesaler Channels
  • Summary Conclusions - European Pharmacy Channels - Change Drivers Affecting Competitive Success

The presentation The Future of pharmacy in Europe - Exploring Strategies for Competitive Success can be downloaded for free fromhttp://www.slideshare.net/JameswDudley/microsoft-power-point-future-of-pharmacy-factors-for-success-2015

About James Dudley

James Dudley is one of Europe's leading strategic marketing thinkers and an influential contributor to a number of ground breaking marketing initiatives in Europe’s consumer health markets. He is a well known speaker and is the author of a number of highly important, strategic marketing studies. Full details can be found at www.james-dudley.co.uk

In this slideshare.net presentation: Ageing population, changing demographics of pharmacy shoppers, front end merchandise, share of pharmacy turnover by category, Internet pharmacy, mail order, cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceutical distribution channels, drugstore chains, Europe, distance selling regulations, omni-channel retailing, trends, multi-channel pharmacy, Chemist shops in Britain, e-commerce, online healthcare, market report. Pharmacy shoppers, source of purchase, buying loyalties.

Die Zukunft der Apotheke in Europa - Erforschung Strategien für Erfolg im Wettbewerb

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