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Tips on Successful Rx to OTC Switches in Europe?

James Dudley describes his new work “Rx to OTC Switching Strategies – Frameworks for Success” as a framework to achieving success for companies switching prescription only pharmaceutical products to meet consumer needs for personal healthcare with OTC self-medication.

In whichever way they are described, Rx to OTC switches, POM to P or pharmaceutical brand life cycle management to self-medication extension strategies, James Dudley uses ‘best of class’ case studies and marketing examples. These show how companies in Europe have created winning strategies to create major new OTC healthcare brands in the European consumer healthcare market.

Among these ‘best of class’ marketing case studies for Rx to OTC switches are Novartis’s switch of its anti-fungal brand ® Lamisil, Johnson and Johnson’s consumer strategies for ® Imodium and the big consumer healthcare marketing success ® Zovirax from GlaxoSmithKline. Having worked with the marketing teams commercializing these and other Rx to OTC switches, himself, James Dudley has clear insights into their successes.

“Inherent in all successful Rx to OTC switches is the strategic molding of competitive advantages of effective actives into a brand proposition that either raises or changes consumers’ expectations and beliefs in the brands that they currently use” says James Dudley.

There is often a tendency to ignore strategic marketing work until the regulatory issues are resolved. While the complexities of regulatory issues determine the speed of all Rx to OTC switch projects in Europe, the need for this to be integrated into the overall strategic marketing framework at the outset can only be emphasized.

“In creating the strategic framework for extending a prescription only active agent into the OTC self-medication arena begin with the idea of the consumer proposition rather than merely finding a marketing position for a reclassified chemical entity. This approach marks the clear difference between companies that have more Rx to OTC switch successes than failures and those that do not’’, says James Dudley.

James Dudley is a leading marketing consultant in the European consumer health industry he is also author of several major strategic consultancy studies and market reports covering the OTC self-medication, non-prescription pharmaceutical and nutritional industries in Europe.

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