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OTC bulletin provides its subscribers with up-to-date commercial intelligence about business opportunities in the global non-prescription medicines and dietary supplements markets. Accurate and reliable news reports provide insights into the strategies of significant non-prescription medicine and dietary supplement firms and analyse their business performance, plans and product portfolios.

Prescription-to-OTC switches, umbrella branding, innovative line extensions, consumer communications, borderline disputes, and developments in herbal medicines and OTC medical devices are some of the issues and topics that provide the wider context for OTC bulletin's comprehensive global coverage.

With subscribers in over 35 countries, OTC bulletin is read by senior executives engaged in developing, licensing, manufacturing, distributing or marketing non-prescription medicines and dietary supplements, as well as those supplying goods and services to the consumer healthcare industry.

Individual subscriptions

An annual subscription comprises:

  • 20 OTC bulletin newsletters;
  • AND at least 45 weekly News@OTCbulletin electronic newsflashes containing the week’s top news stories (currently delivered by email).

Choice of formats

The 20 OTC bulletin newsletters are available:

  • EITHER as the digital OTC bulletin-i for online access by desktop AND tablet and smartphone. These mobile devices can have Apple or Android operating systems;
  • OR in traditional hard-copy print format, delivered by airmail.

OTC Bulletin-i

The digital edition OTC bulletin-i has two significant benefits – it is available on the day of publication with no postal delay; and it contains a fully-searchable archive containing over 100 OTC bulletin editions dating back to 2008.

Subscribers may subscribe to either or both formats.

Multiple Subscriptions

Discounts are available for OTC bulletin-i multi-user subscriptions for colleagues at the same location. Go to www.otc-bulletin.com/subscribe for subscriptions rates.

For details of our special rates for multiple subscriptions at more than one location contact subscriptions@OTC-bulletin.com

Corporate Subscriptions

A Corporate Subscription provides location-, country- or company-wide access to OTC bulletin-i. Contact subscriptions@OTC-bulletin.com for further details.

Subscribe to Generics bulletin

Generics Bulletin

Generics bulletin is the sister publication of OTC bulletin. Established for more than 10 years, Generics bulletin is the leading newsletter for the global generic and biosimilar medicines industries, providing unrivalled news coverage and strategic insights. Special rates are available for subscribers to both publications. Go to www.Generics-bulletin.com for subscription options.

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